Here at Ground Zero Gymnastics, we try very hard to maintain reasonable pricing for our community. You as the parent are in control of our costs by following these few simple steps.

Parents and Kids both need to Listen/Respect the Coach(s), Staff, Equipment, and Safety Rules on the Gym Floor.

Make sure the Parents and Kids are all following our Gym and Safety Rules at all times.

Pick up after yourself, don’t leave a big mess behind.

Show up no earlier than the 15 minutes allotted time for set up.

Things in life are so expensive these days, and we would love to keep our parties at an affordable rate, however, with what we have been experiencing, we are not sure on how much longer we will be able to continue at this price without your help.

Ground Zero Gymnastics Staff is no longer dealing with unruly children during Open Gyms or parties. After a fair warning, if children are unable to behave, a guardian will be called to come pick up him/her up. If unable to reach anyone, he/she will sit out the remainder of Open Gym or party. No money will be refunded. We work very hard at making this a fun and safe environment for all.

Sadly, it only takes a few to ruin things for the majority. 


Birthday Party    Headquarters

Your Official Holiday Party Destination


Call now to book your event!

This is the place for all your  Field Trips and Club Functions! 


1-1/2 hour Birthday Package Includes:

15 minutes of pre-party setup time.

Up to 10 children.

1 hour of Open Gym Time & 1/2 hour of Party Room Time. 

All for $125 

Have more than 10 kids & need some extra time???
 $5 per additional child & $25 for each additional half hour.

$35 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation.

Extra time must be scheduled in advance.
Party ends promptly at the end of your blocked time. An additional charge of $20 per increment of 15 minutes past booked time. 

                Outside food, cake, drink and decorations welcome. Decorations, Supplies & table coverings not provided.

  Call (360.416.6623) and schedule your party today!!

We supply the room and fun. You supply your Decorations, Table Clothes, Birthday Supplies, Cake, Food, and Kids.