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1-1/2 hour Birthday Package Includes:

15 minutes of pre-party setup time.

Up to 10 children including the birthday child.

We start off with 1 hour of Open Gym Time & end finish with the last 1/2 hour of Party Room Time. 

​As a gift from us, the Birthday Child receives one Open Gym pass and a Birthday Medal.               

All for $125 

Have more than 10 kids & need some extra time???
 $5 per additional child & $25 for each additional half hour.

$15 per each additional Open Gym pass & Birthday Medal.

A non-refundable $50 deposit is required at the time of reservation.

Extra time must be scheduled in advance.
Party ends promptly at the end of your blocked time. An additional charge of $20 per increment of 10 minutes past booked time.

Table coverings are required. Party Parents must tidy up at the end of the party. No Adults on Equipment.

  Call (360.416.6623) and schedule your party today!!

 Outside food, cake, drink and decorations welcome. Decorations, Supplies & table coverings not provided.  

We supply the room and fun. You supply your Decorations, Table Clothes, Birthday Supplies, Cake, Food, and Kids.

Looking for something a bit more over the top?

Check out our Nerf-war or Ninja Zone add-ons for your next party.

​​Nerf Party Add-On!
Add a Nerf Battle to your party for and an extra $50. We supply the Nerf guns, bullets, and protective eyewear for 30 minutes of blasting fun! After a quick bullet collection/clean up, finish off your party with Open Gym fun!
(30 children max and all Nerf battles are played on the 40x40 main floor)

Ninja Obstacle Add-On!
Add a Ninja Obstacle Party for an extra $50. We will set up an age-appropriate Obstacle Course according to the birthday child’s age, using our Ninja Parkour, gym equipment, and maybe even the Mini-Mountain. Enter the gym as a Mere Mortal and leave a Super Ninja!

This course remains up for the entire Open Gym time. 

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