Tumbling Class

You must be able to do a bridge and round off back handspring. Great class to advance your Gymnastics and Cheer Skills.

tumbling &


​Students are encouraged to learn at their own comfortable rate.  Beginners will focus on basic moves such as Seat Drops, Back Drops, and Stomach Drops, as well as developing balance, control, and flexibility on the trampoline. 


For children that are walking through 4 years.

Concentrating on the basics of gymnastics movement learning body control and following directions.


The sport of Ninja is…
“To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth. We proudly offer both Boys Ninja and Girl Ninja Classes.


Based on Skill Level (Progressive Class)

Your child will begin to explore gymnastics while being taught terminology and basics on floor, as well beginning apparatus skills.




All Levels are Welcome!

Come join our adult gymnastics class to gain flexibility and learn new skills. Looking for a workout, gymnastics will provide you a  full body work out in this 90 min. class.


4 - 6 years old

​​Your child will begin to explore gymnastics as an ART! They will learn hand and head support moves as well as rolls. They will begin apparatus skills in a fun and safe environment.


Based on Skill Level

Following the United States Gymnastics guidelines your gymnast will learn the basic gymnastics skill in a predetermined level order. For returning or transferring gymnasts please request testing if you are unsure of your level.

Home school

gym Class

All Levels are Welcome! This class features beginning level gymnastics instruction and Physical Education Games and workouts.

Gymnastics Classes


These classes are based on skill level and ability.

This is the final step in skill development before for your child is ready for Competition Level Gymnastics. Following the USA Gymnastics Competition Guidelines your gymnast will begin learning more advanced skills and connections, as well as USA Gymnastics routines for each of the four apparatuses.


Following the United States Gymnastics guidelines gymnast learn advanced gymnastic skills on four apparatuses. Gymnasts are tested are selected to join Pre-Team and Team.