Recreational/Ninja Zone Coach
Coach Liliya

Recreational & Ninja Zone Coach

​Coach Kyle

I have my BA in Psych and Social Work. I love working with children.

My favorite things are playing my ukulele, eating chocolate Pie, and snuggling bunnies.

Things I dislike are Brussel Sprouts and sleep deprivation.

My favorite thing about GZG is going to Open Gym with both of my kids.

Consultant and Recreational Coach
Coach Michelle

Office Staff & Gym Security
Mr. Pheeney

Owner and Recreational Coach
Coach Chandra

My favorite color is Blue
I love Parkour and learning new tricks.
My favorite thing about being a Gymnastics Coach is watching the excitement of the kids.

Ground Zero Gymnastics "Security"

Artistic/Xcel Team, Trampoline & Tumbling, and Recreational Coach, along with being an Owner and Handyman 
Coach Kevin

I literally grew up in this gym with my mom being the past owner of Dimension of Gymnastics.

My dream in life is to be a serious journalist living in NY City.

My favorite color is Burgundy.

There are two things that I really love in life, one is sarcasm and the other is food!  
My favorite thing about working at Ground Zero Gymnastics is all the people, and memories of this place.

I am from Ohio and moved to the area in 2004 with my husband who is in the Navy. I did gymnastics as a child and had always been in love with this sport.
My favorite food is fruit, all fruits! My most favorite color is green because it reminds me of spring.
My lifelong dream job is to become a clown with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
Things I dislike are Gloomy days without sunlight and the things I love are baby animals.
My favorite things about GZG are the coaches and all the families that attend here. This place is never dull, and it is a new adventure every day.

You are what is missing, what are you waiting for? Apply today! Send your resume to, or stop by our office. 

We are looking forward to adding some amazing coaches to our growing gym. We are looking for Tumbling, Trampoline, Trampoline & Tumbling Team, Artistic Team Coaches and Recreational Coaches.

My favorite color is blue, but the shades of blue like the sky.
I dislike negativity. There is power in positive thinking.
My favorite food is fresh and if it comes out of my yard and therefore free.
Since having the opportunity of owning the gym for so many decades, my favorite thing would be that I had the privilege to raise my children in the gym and had the chance to watch so many other children grow from infants to adults.

Developmental & Tot Coach

Coach Tracie 

Recreational Coach
Coach Chamidae

​Seasonal Coach/UW College Student

Tumbling Coach, Recreational Coach, & Asst Trampoline & Tumbling Coach.

​Coach Stephanie

Although I have no formal gymnastics background, I just love being at the gym.
My favorite colors are Orange and Silver because that is one of the gym colors. My favorite food is soft puppy treats and dog bones.
I am living out my dream job; I love being an office dog.
Favorite thing about GZG is chilling in my soft bed hanging out with my pal Pugsley.
Things I dislike are bows in my hair.

Trampoline Team and Recreational Coach
Coach Pam

My dream in life was to be a great mom.

I wear many hats in life and love them all. I am finishing up my Master's in Family Science. I am a Parent Coach and Family Life and Breastfeeding Counselor on top of being a Swim and Gymnastics Coach. 

My favorite color is Purple. My favorite thing about working at Ground Zero Gymnastics is that it is family oriented.

I was an Advanced Optional Gymnast, and in 1997, I was the T&T National Champ. I graduated and earned my degree from the University of Illinois.
My favorite food is Bacon and Pineapple Pizza, the beloved pet is Guinea Pigs, and favorite color is green.
My dream career growing up was to be a veterinarian.
What I dislike the most is the word “can't.”
My favorite thing about GZG is that my whole family gets to come here.

Open Gym and Party Director
Coach Sharon

Coaching Staff

I have been doing gymnastics here since I was a baby. 
My favorite food is Prime Rib and Mashed taters, favorite color Teal, and favorite animals are my cat Nalla and dog Raina.
My childhood dream job was either to be an Olympic gymnast or a dolphin trainer
When not coaching, I am a Realtor at EXP Realty
Favorite thing about GZG. All the kids

Recreational, Special Needs & Gym Laision 
Coach Arica

My favorite color is purple
The things I dislike the most is the site of pre-chewed gum and rude people.
My favorite thing about being a Ninja Zone Coach is watching kids surprise themselves with learning a new skill

Trampoline Team and Recreational Coach
Coach Jack

Meet Our Coaches

I did six years as a JO T&T athlete, three years as an assistant T&T Coach in Port Orchard, and I have been coaching at GZG for a year.
My favorite things are board games, the color blue, and Superheroes. I always wanted to be Batman when I grew up.
Things I do not like are broken trampoline springs and tomatoes. 

Office Staff & Head of Gym Security
Sir Pugsley

I am originally from Ohio and I have been active in sports my entire life. I attended University of Cincinnati for Sports Medicine/Management. Currently, I am Active Duty with the U.S. Navy and stationed out of NAS Whidbey Island.
My favorite food is the Philly Cheese Steak, favorite color is blue, and most favorite animal in the world would have to be a Golden Retriever.
My dream job has always been to be a Professional Basketball player.
Things I dislike the most are slow left lane drivers

I wanted to be a gymnast since I was nine years old. 28 years later, I was lucky enough to find the adult class and have been ever since. I love the sport and can’t get it out of my system.
My favorite foods is Diet Coke with a McDonald’s plain hamburger
I always wanted and still want to be an Olympic Gymnasts of course.
My favorite thing about GZG is the trampolines and being able to jump and compete on the team.

Adult & Recreational Coach
Coach Gail

I previously played volleyball for 12 years and rode horses, and I currently attend Skagit Valley College. 
My favorite place is probably the beach. 
When I was younger I really wanted to be a professional surfer!
My favorite thing about GZG is watching people do something they enjoy! 

I Gymnastics is in my DNA and has been part of my life for over 20 years. I reached level 9 in artistic gymnastics before I started competing in the upper levels of Double Mini and Power Tumbling in T&T. I have been coaching gymnastics for over 15 years, and in recent years I have also been coaching tumbling for cheerleaders, as well as acro dance.
My favorite color is Blue, my favorite event is the Balance Beam and my favorite and best skill is Handstands
My Favorite thing about GZG is the memories that have been made and the future ones that have yet to come. This gym was my home away from home while growing up and will always be in my heart. 

I have not been trained in gymnastics; however, I can sit, lie down, and give a high five but only for treats or hugs!
Favorite color is brown like me, and my favorite food is bacon and any flavor treats, lots and lots of treats.
My best mates are Mr. Pheeney and our cat Catz-

My favorite things about GZG are all the kids and the daily petting, plus hanging out with my pal Mr. Pheeney.
My dream job for when I grow up would be a Professional Mattress Tester. I would also like to be a greeter at a store.
Things I dislike are being ignored and staying out in the cold too long.

I competed in Highschool and at a private club in California for four years before moving to a small community in Alaska. Before coaching teens and adults, was enrolled in the adult class and watched my daughter’s competitive gymnastics to level 10. my favorite food is tacos, color is green, and pet is my horse India. My favorite thing about GZG is a positive atmosphere and that as a coach I can be creative with the students in my class and we have fun.

Coaching and ​Management

Recreational Coach
Coach Halsey

Ninja Zone Program Manager/Coach

Coach Markus