Ninja Girls                                                                                                             6-14 year old 



BEGINNER GYMNASTICS                                                                                     6+ year old


Your child will begin to explore gymnastics while being taught terminology and basics on floor, as well beginning apparatus skills.

Trampoline Recreational

ADULT GYMNASTICS                                                                              Ages 13 through Adult


For those ages 13 and up who desire to learn or continue their gymnastics experience, our Adult Gymnastics Class is where you want to be. You will be challenged by increasing flexibility and conditioning while tumbling and using the various gymnastics apparatuses (trampolines, bars, rings, balance beams, and vault) in a fun and safe environment.

Punch Cards Available for this class.




YOU AND YOUR TOT                                                                                  Walking - 4 year old 50-Minute

Interactive gymnastics with parent and child! Our Instructors help guide parents who in turn guide their children through various activities and movement skills in a safe environment. Children will be challenged by various obstacle courses while learning new vocabulary and developing social skills.

*One parent per child. No cell phone use on the floor, just loads of quality time with your child. 

TRAMPOLINE RECREATIONAL                                                                                 6+ year old    60-Minute

Trampoline and Tumbling Recreational Classes are designed to keep you active while learning body awareness and having fun! Within the session, we learn several skills and skill combinations on the trampoline and tumbling floor.
All students are required to wear socks on the trampolines.
Program Description
Learn skills and safety on three events: Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, and Rod Floor. This class brings extreme fun while including form and technique

DANCE SENSATION - INTRO TO DANCE                                                             3-5 year old    50-Minute         NEW CLASS      

Basic ballet with Ms. Amber: learn proper techniques and ballet steps, developing strength and flexibility. Creative movement: self-expression and music interpretation.                                      


LiL Ninja                                                                                                      6-9 year old

60-Minute (Boys)                                                                                    

ADVANCED TRAMPOLINE & TUMBLING                                                    Coach Placement  90-Minute                                                                                               


Mini Ninja                                                                                                             4-5 year old   

50-Minute (Boys)                                                                                        

TINY TOT'S DANCE, MOVEMENT, AND SONG (with Parent)                          WALKING - 4 years old  50-Minute    NEW CLASS

Action songs with movement, singing, group interaction, and imagination. Very Basic dance introduction in ballet, including the five positions, marching, skipping, jumping, and music interpretation while enjoying the freedom to move and express individuality. Parent-Child stretching time with can be a fun experience for you both. Take home activities



The sport of Ninja is…
“To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth. To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks to elude an opponent.”

Our skill curriculum is comprised of a clever combination of gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing and cross-training. Beyond skill our curriculum teaches:
      *confidence *being part of a group *impulse control

ADVANCED GYMNASTICS                                                                                   Coach Placement


The class is designed for the gymnast that is interested in continuing their skill progression without joining our competitive team.

If you feel your child meets the requirements for this class, please call for an evaluation.     


INTERMEDIATE GYMNASTICS                                                                            Coach Placement 

Following the United States Gymnastics guidelines, your gymnast will learn the basic gymnastics skill in a predetermined level order. For returning or transferring gymnasts please request testing if you are unsure of your level.

If you feel your child meets the requirements for this class, please call for an evaluation.


DANCE, MOVEMENT, AND SONG                                                                            4 -6 year old    50-Minute     NEW CLASS                                                               (Age 3 will be considered at teacher’s discretion)

Action songs with movement, singing, group interaction, and imagination. Beginner Ballet, including basic steps, French terms, proper technique. Memorization skills and choreography introduction. Also, tap, hip-hop, jazz, freestyle, lyrical interpretation, partnering and acting skills will be introduced! Take home activities 

DEVELOPMENTAL                                                                                              4 - 6 year old


​​Your child will begin to explore gymnastics as an ART!
They will learn hand and head support moves as well as rolls. They will begin apparatus skills in a fun and safe environment.

Big Ninja                                                                                                   10-14 year old  60-Minute (Boys)                                                                                      

You will find the PreTeam, Artistic Team, and Trampoline & Tumbling Team Summer Schedules under their regular class tabs.