Don't Forget About Our Open Gyms!

A reminder of our upcoming egg hunts. 
     Prices are $5 per each child for our Preschool/Homeschool Open Gym, and $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers for our Friday Night All Age Open Gym. 
     We will have no extra charge for the hunt itself. These are considered special events so we will not be accepting any Open Gym Passes and nor giving sibling rate for the daytime Open Gym.
     We will have hundreds of eggs placed around the gym and an egg exchange table with baskets of prizes!
     The egg hunt will start promptly at the beginning of the open gym and will last until all eggs are found. We will have out between 600 to 700 eggs for each open gym. Once all the eggs are found, let's have fun running around and playing!!